Some point about Newaza-Judo, Kosen-Judo
(Grappling technique Judo)

The illustration by Mr. Terutoshi SUGIO

"1. Introduce of Newaza Judo"

(Newaza means grappling technique, fight an opponent by holding, choke sleepering(squeezing) and submission(joint) techniqque, both player never stand.)

We describe effective flow and the point of Newaza-Judo technique.
We try to introduce the technique which doesn't depend on force, though the knowledge is a smattering.

Please read the explanation changing the right or left depending on yourself.

"2. Newaza-Judo Club"

Activity, Joining 1999
The late Teacher
Introduce of Newaza(Kosen) judo video


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"a note or technical terms,related words"
head(頭), shoulder(肩), neck(首), armpit(脇下), elbow(肘), arm(腕), hand(手), leg(足), waist(腰), collar(襟), knee(膝)