Newaza Judo Club

Several years ago,we met our teacher MR.Hirata who had experienced really kosen Judo. He was a only the last person has known Kosen judo.But he died at the age of 76 in 1998 July. He was a small person,162 cm tall,62 kg weight.He has had the excellent skillful technique of newaza,was a person of integrity. We have liked him very much.We decided to carry out the his last wishes.

Kosen judo
It is said that the kosen judo has done by the students of old high schooll and special school for about 30 years(from in 1913 to 1943).
Main techniques of kosen judo were the newaza style,specially holding,submission,choke sleepering,though throwing techniques were not prohibited.

The almost kosen judo players have devoted themselves lives to practicing and studying techniques for their school. It is said that kosen judo was held in nationwide,has reached the extremely skill or the soul of newaza. They must have burned all their young passion for judo. They have practiced very hard.
First was practice,2nd was practice 3rd was practice.After they got tired,that was really practice. The newaza techniques are very deeply and variety. Kosen judo was stopped by World War 2.The war forbade all sports at that time. After world war 2 finished,all sports were allowed.By school system innovation,old high school and special school changed to new universities. Now kose judo match is only continued to at 7 national uninersities.

The rules of former Kosen match
At that times,I have heard that Kosen judo match had no time limit,no border line of match mat,no standing fight. Also I have heard that some judo players have continued match more than for about several hours,still when decided the winner. Winner have decided when you or opponent gave up by submission or choke sleepering,or holding for 30 seconds. The winner has recognized only an Ippon.Namely if you won against opponent with Wazaari or Yuko,that was an even draw. But these days almost judo match are ruled by Kodokan rules,nearly international rules.

Difference in kodokan and kosen
I suppose that difference in Kodokan judo and Kosen judo is fighting style,not organization. Kodokan have mainly throwing techniques with standing,Kosen judo have mainly newaza techniques with ground. Recently general judo match is done with kodokan style,that is match start from standing position. Now this is the all over the world.

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