We are growing the wheat from end of November to middle of June, and growing the buckwheat from end of August to middle of November, at same field.
Ken Yamazaki (brother in law, full-time farmer) always take care to growing them.
Shougo tei and Ken are cooplating the exterminating of weeds and harvesting of wheat and buckwheat.
We offer the Udon and Soba noodle to the customer made from those field.
Spring, The wheat bud came out.
Harvesting the buckwheat needs more hand work than wheat.
We looks up at sacred mountain "Mount-Oh dake" at intervals of threshing.
Shougo tei and his wife gathere the buckwheat.
Harvesting the wheat is done by combine.
Wheat that falls in the typhoon of the time coming off is cut.
The fields now are shown as below,, click.
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