The professional assembled foundation and the strength member.
eaves, the outside wall, and the interior were made by myself.
The constructing took three years from starting to complete it.
Step 2
The brother-in-law and I purified the architectural ground in April, 2003.
Architectural ground is "shougo" that becomes a shop name.
Place of 300m from Musashi-Itsukaichi Station.
The carpenter completed the bone union on May 30, 2003.
It took eight months to obtain courage to start carpentering for myself after the carpenter had ended work.
The carpentering was started from the sash installation part in the kitchen on January 13, 2004.
Step 3
Step 4
I set the aluminium sash in March, 2004.
April, 2004. After eaves of waiting space had been built, it challenged the eaves making of entrance.
The log is combined with a natural stone.
Step 5
Step 6
September, 2004. The cedar door of nijiri guchi (small entrance of tea room) was made by oneself and installed. Eaves were installed just like eaves of entrance.
September, 2004. The moisture-proof paper was put with the stapler.
Step 7
December, 2004. Work to put the concrete panel on the outside wall was completed.
At this point, I did not think that took another one year to complete the work.
Step 9
Step 8
April, 2005. It was noticing the the stone of entrance floor had to be completed before floor panel of Step was put, I paved the stone in a hurry.
February, 2005. The painting of the outside wall is completed.
Step 11
June, 2005. The Japan cedar,it had taken from the mountain of my family, was assembled as the frame of the first step of entrance.
June, 2005. I put the board that the exclusive use was processed by the floor in the entrance and the floor in the passage.
July, 2005. An inside pillar of wing wall of Daime was put up.
August, 2005. The lath board was put. I felt that I may be die by hot weather.
The goal of completion was't clear, it was the time that was mentally most painful though the inner wall paint was done following the lath board -lined.
November 2, 2005. I made the shoji, a paper sliding door, frame.
November 21, 2005. A long-awaited mat fitted in the floor.
Paper was pasted to the shoji.
December 2, 2005.
The Shinto priest came in the morning and Shougo tei was purified.
We held a small party with the relative and celebrated the completion of Shogo-tei on that night.
The day was assumed to be a day of opening a shop.
December 3
The first customer visited the shogo-tei .
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